Peyton O'Donoghue

Graphic Designer, Brand Strategist, and UI/UX Designer

As young as eighth grade, my love for computers and the arts found one another and ignited my dream of becoming a Graphic Designer. I entered my freshman year at Clemson University set to obtain a business degree in graphic communications with a distinct focus in print production and marketing strategy. I successfully graduated and set out to put my knowledge and skillset to use.

Immediately after graduation, my freelance work grew as well as the opportunity to work as a Production Artist for an organization with clients around the world. Both experiences allowed me to grow as a designer in and outside an office environment, preparing me for my next opportunity.

As the Art Director at Marstudio a marketing and design firm located in the DC/Maryland metropolitan area, I was fortunate to play a crucial leadership role in a fast-paced, everchanging environment, amongst a strong team of creatives with unique knowledge in each facet of the industry. I have been able to implement and expand upon my existing knowledge in business development, marketing strategy, brand identity, graphic and web design, client relations, and team management. Being immersed in this creative environment allowed my interest in UI/UX design and brand strategy to flourish, becoming what I consider my expertise.

As an active member of the web and design team at the American Psychosocial Association, I’ve had the opportunity to work as an in-house designer for an already established brand creating email newsletters, publications, and a wide range of marketing materials. While at APA, my time on both teams positioned me to play a pivotal role in determining the approach, software, and strategy necessary for a comprehensive redesign of the APA website. Expanding upon my current knowledge of UI/UX I have helped guide the creation, organization, and revamp of our design library introducing Figma as our main tool in this process.

The experience and knowledge I have gained in the past few years has allowed me to bring more to my freelance work as well as the work I do with my team on a daily basis. The creative industry is an everchanging industry, with more to learn every day. As a designer with a desire to excel, a constant hunger for knowledge is key to accomplishing this goal and I don’t foresee myself being full anytime soon.