• Project Type UI/UX, Print Collateral
  • Link to live site
  • Role in project Art Director
  • Designed at Marstudio, Inc.
  • Year 2019-2020

Project Overview

Safinia, a new artificial intelligence platform created by Lexical Intelligence requested assistance with naming and branding their product. My role in this project was to design a website for their product. The primary goal of this web design was to clearly represent the company’s product while conveying the intellectual and minimalistic aesthetic our client was eager to portray. I approached every phase of the design with this mindset; beginning in the strategy phase to the creation of the site architecture and the wireframes, down to the content used within the body of the site. Building upon the abstract structure that formulated their logo we established their brand identity. Staying away from lifestyle imagery and using more abstract visual elements, we selected images that appeared very similar to their actual biograph which helped conceptually portray the capabilities of the AI platform. Overall the design is simple, sleek, and to the point with minimal content.


Brand Typography and Palette

Banner Stand