Snappy Snacks

  • Project Type UI/UX
  • Link to live site
  • Designed at Marstudio, Inc.
  • Year 2019-2021

Project Overview

Snappy Snacks is an e-commerce company advocating for a healthy and happy lifestyle for all pets primarily through the use of their CBD pet treats. The goal of this relationship was to evaluate their pre-existing brand identity and marketing initiatives in order to pinpoint inconsistencies. A brand assessment played a crucial role in understanding the companies’ strengths and weaknesses. Through this assessment I deemed their brand as being outdated and an inadequate representation of the quality their product was promoting. Further, I was able to pinpoint minor inconsistencies in their marketing initiatives and provide guidance to refine and better reach their target audiences. As a young business in an emerging industry the rebranding of Snappy Snacks was an essential first step in better positioning its product against its competitors.

Utilizing my evaluation and insights gained from the creative brief, I moved into the logo concept phase. The goal of this rebrand was to visually represent the value of their products while captivating the healthy and happy lifestyle their company’s mission was determined to uphold. I approached each logo concept with this mindset; incorporating a more cohesive color palette, modernistic typography, and iconography to develop three options from which they could choose.

Once a final selection was made, I then created branded marketing collateral such as social media templates, an email marketing template, packaging for their products, and stationery print collateral, all of which assisted in establishing the visual language that portrays the Snappy Snacks brand identity.

Proposed Logos

Logo Concept One

Logo Concept Two

Logo Concept Three

Original Logo Concept


Final Chosen Logo


Print Collateral

Packaging Design

Print Collateral

Stationary Brand Identity

Digital Marketing

Email Marketing Template
Constant Contact

Marketing Material

Ad Campaign