Standard Office Solutions

Project Overview

MDM Standard Office Solutions, an office supply and business furniture company located in the DMV area needed a complete rebrand, website design, and the production of marketing collateral. My key role in this particular project was to establish their brand identity through the design of their website and corresponding marketing collateral. Building upon the logo design of both the office solutions and business furniture divisions of the company and their designated colors palettes, I created a cohesive visual language that forms their brand identity. The use of customized line iconography, product-specific imagery, rules, color blocks, and other elements played a crucial role in bringing the website and overall brand to life.

Upon finalizing the web design, I moved forward in creating their corresponding marketing materials through both print and digital mediums. Beginning with a pre and post-launch email campaign to announce the exciting news of their new site; to the production of a bifold marketing brochure. All collateral was designed to cohesively mirror the visual language established during the web design phase of their campaign.


Brand Typography and Color Palette

Digital Marketing

Pre-launch Email

Launch Email

Trifold Marketing Brochure