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June 1, 2023

Bourdon & Tortolero, PLLC


Bourdon and Tortolero stands as a family and domestic litigation practice committed to aiding their clients with premier legal expertise and guidance, while also providing a source of peace of mind. They understand that navigating such matters can be inherently stressful, which is why they strive to offer not only the best legal solutions but also a sense of reassurance. By shouldering the legal complexities, they allow their clientele to find moments of relaxation even within the midst of challenging situations.

Project overview

Bourdon and Tortolero initiated their legal practice in early 2020. In the inception phase, I played a pivotal role in establishing their brand identity, encompassing everything from the logo to diverse visual components and messaging strategies. The primary objective was to craft a brand that eloquently embodies the excellence of their services.

The initial stride involved designing the logo mark, which laid the foundation for expanding the brand’s presence across marketing, digital platforms, and print materials. Subsequent to the branding phase, I engaged in a collaboration with B&T to design an intuitive, sleek, and contemporary website catering to prospective clients. This endeavour also extended to crafting templates for social media and digital ads. As a result, their brand has evolved into a prominent facet of their reputation within the industry.

Skip the case study and assets provided in each phase, view the final designs

Research and testing

Projects unique process

Project tactics and deliverables included

  • Target Audience: Identified ideal client demographics and needs.
  • Competitor Analysis: Studied successful local firms for positioning.
  • Market Demand: Researched demand and case trends.
  • Distinctive Branding: Created a unique, emotive brand.
  • Website Strategy: Designed user-friendly, informative site.
  • Informative Content: Produced educative articles and blogs (this has since been undone by a new content specialist)

Despite being a project with tight budget constraints, I implemented a streamlined approach to encompass branding, content strategy, and website design/development. The primary focus was to deeply understand the client’s envisioned brand and existing market in order to understand how best to build a brand and supporting website. An efficient workflow was essential, leveraging research as a foundation for subsequent project phases’ success.

Our secondary priority involved strategizing content refinements based on work completed with another agency. This allowed us to identify areas for additional content enhancements. With comprehensive content planning and the creation of a distinctive logo mark, we were able to intertwine the design and development phases to streamline the final steps of the website build.


Problem Statements

Navigating New Market Entry

Regardless of years of experience, as a newly established law firm entering the local legal market, the challenge lies in effectively introducing the firm and carving out a distinctive identity that resonates with the community. The client must overcome the hurdle of building brand awareness, trust, and credibility amidst established competitors while conveying their expertise and commitment to potential clients who may be unfamiliar with their presence.

Undefined Brand Identity

The law firm lacks a clear and distinct brand identity that effectively communicates its values, expertise, and unique positioning in the legal market.

Lack of Online Presence

The firm has no established online presence, social media or otherwise, making it difficult for potential clients to find information about their services, expertise, and areas of practice.

Undefined Target Audience

The firm struggles to identify and address the specific needs and concerns of its target audience, resulting in a need for a content strategy to ensure the website meets their audience’s needs. 

Project Success Outcomes

Bourdon & Tortolero will possess a distinctive brand identity, embodying their dedication to legal excellence, expertise, and reliability. The new brand mark and supporting identity will form the basis for an extended presence across marketing channels, digital platforms, and print materials. 

Our holistic approach to the project is meticulously designed to optimize resource allocation throughout each phase. With the finalization of the logo design phase, our focus transitions to the creation of a user-centric website, carefully tailored to prioritize clients’ needs and deliver a seamless and contemporary online experience. Our strategy, deeply rooted in a comprehensive understanding of the market landscape, is meticulously designed to resonate genuinely with our intended audience. This trajectory is poised to elevate Bourdon & Tortolero’s brand into a standout industry contender, firmly establishing their reputation as a trusted authority within the legal domain.

Additionally, we’re providing them with templates for social media and digital ads, tools that will help them effectively engage with their clients, while consistently upholding a cohesive visual style across various marketing initiatives and platforms. Ultimately, our project’s success lies in turning a vision into reality—a strong brand and online presence that embody excellence, empathy, and expertise.



Deliverables included

  • Three logo concepts
  • Selection of color palettes
  • Typography selection
  • Branding sheet & guidelines
  • Use case iconography
  • Final logo files both horizontal and vertical (PNG, EPS, SVG, JPG)

Tools Used

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Indesign

Utilizing the knowledge gained during the research and discovery phase, the next step involved leveraging the identified key findings and preferences to initiate the conceptualization of Bourdon & Tortolero’s branding. The objective was to strategically represent their quality of work and expertise, through a single multifunctional logo mark. The established logo mark would then function as the foundational building block of the brand identity. 

Logo design process

When designing logos, I believe it is important to start with greyscale designs. This helps ensure that the logo works well in different environments and applications. If a logo doesn’t function well in a single color, it may not meet basic requirements in various contexts. Once I have established the core conceptual elements to build the logo marks around, I begin with sketches, then utilize Illustrator to build out all my ideas and see how various selections evolve, I select the best three or four to present. Use insight gained during the discovery phase to select various color palettes and typography that complement each logo mark. In this case, three logo marks were created, along with two color palettes, and three font families were selected. 

The primary objective throughout the logo design process was to design each proposed concept with a strong sense of trust and expertise through various elements, accentuating the inherent value of Bourdon & Tortolero’s services. The color palettes and typography proposed will then be utilized to support the narrative of their brand and once finalized, will serve as the cornerstone for the brand identity. 

As you’ll observe, in the final logo selection, the robust partnership between Jon and Daniel is represented through the artful interweaving of the letters B and T. This, paired with the rich color palette and complementary typography combinations, accurately conveys the gravitas and exceptional quality synonymous with B&T’s offerings.

Selected Logo Mark
Horizontal Logo
Vertical Logo
Brand Elements
Color Palette
Brand Pattern
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z
Fira Sans Condensed
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z

Supporting brand collateral

The final step

Content strategy, design, and development


The process

Deliverables included

  • Moodboards
  • High-fidelity responsive designs
  • Responsive designs

Tools Used

  • Google Suites 
  • Figma
  • Photoshop
  • WordPress

In order to tailor the site to meet user needs effectively, conducting a content mapping was necessary. This involved a collaborative effort workshopping with the client to establish, organize, and provide massaging direction in order to ensure an effective and seamless user journey. 


I was then able to utilize the updated content outline to map the structure of the site with high-fidelity designs/wireframes; establishing all necessary pathways and ensuring the presentation of all relevant content to be presented in a manner that is easily accessible and comprehensible to the user. 


With an established content map and visual direction for the website, I began building within the constraints of WordPress page builder components so the client may easily maintain the site upon completion of the project. With this in mind, I was able to create a full prototype within an HTML environment. Although designing in an HTML environment is not a recommended solution, on a strict budget it allowed us to fine-tune and refine the designs live on the test site. This approach streamlined the design and development process, working collaboratively with clients to easily allow them to review in order to finalize each component and page templates for future utilization. This iterative process proved invaluable in achieving the desired outcome and delivering a polished website that met both user needs, budget scope, and project deadlines.


•Although a mood board was provided, as this is a microsite with a tight budget no formal sitemap or wireframe in Figma was not delivered,  as we utilized a Google Doc approach for content collaboration with the team. 


Design planning deliverables

Mood board creation

After establishing a fresh logo and branding elements, I curated a comprehensive moodboard to guide the visual direction of the Bourdon & Tortolero web design. In the absence of a formal wireframe, the moodboard played a key role in influencing the design’s visual aspects. Through iterative client feedback and approval, I ensured a seamless transition into web design, aligning with the client’s vision and brand identity.


Final design outcomes

*site may appear slightly different than original designs due to client management

The success of my engagement with Bourdon & Tortolero shines through in their newly established, distinct branding and seamlessly functional online presence. Meticulously crafting an identity that encapsulates both legal prowess and a sense of reassurance, elegantly weaving it through logo design, print materials, and digital assets. Through a collaborative endeavor, we’ve unveiled an intuitive website that caters to potential clients’ needs.


Our success is demonstrated in smart resource management despite budget limitations. The smooth integration of design and content has resulted in a user-friendly website. The outcome has transformed Bourdon & Tortolero into a recognizable brand, offering legal expertise with confidence and preparing them for sustained growth in the legal field.