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May 31, 2022

Five9 – Partner Program and Locator


Five9’s Partner Program champions top-tier CX and forefront AI automation. Partnering offers exclusive access to cutting-edge tech, propelling mutual success. The moment is ripe to join as a Five9 Global Partner, unlocking unparalleled growth opportunities.

Project overview

Five9 embarked on a collaborative journey with Kanopi to elevate their partner program landing page. The core aim was to establish transparent pathways for potential partners, strategically presenting the benefits, tools, and unmatched value that Five9 brings to the table. With a strong focus on outstanding Customer Experience (CX) and expertise in AI and automation, Kanopi’s task was to demonstrate how collaboration provides a gateway to cutting-edge technology, empowering both partners and customers for remarkable success.

Beyond the partner program’s landing page, Kanopi played a pivotal role in integrating a partner locator into the website. Acting as a centralized hub of partnerships, streamlining the process for users to explore and connect with innovative partners within the Five9 ecosystem. This addition harmoniously aligns with the broader initiative, growing partnerships.

  • Strategy

    UX Strategy

  • Design

    UI/UX Design, Art Direction

  • Client


  • Tools

    Google suite (PPT), Google Analytics, Lighthouse Overview (Chrome DevTool), Wave Accessibility Checker (Chrome DevTool), Mouseflow, Figma, Shutterstock

  • Created at

    Kanopi Studios, Remote in the US & Cananda

  • Tags

    UX Research, UX Strategy, UX/UI Design

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A sneak peak into the UX evolution of the Partner landing page and navigation

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Before After


Research and testing


Deliverables included

  • Key findings deck (assessment overview)
  • Persona-based user journeys

Tactics included

  • Analytics review
  • Site performance testing
  • Accessibility testing
  • Stakeholder interviews and surveys
  • User survey and heatmapping
  • Content audit and ideation

Tools Used

  • Google Analytics
  • Wave Accessibility Checker (Chrome DevTool)

Findings and success framework

Key Findings

Main and utility navigation concerns

The Partners CTA, located within the utility navigation, appears inconspicuous and can be easily missed. Given that this section is dedicated to cultivating partnerships within the Five9 ecosystem, its placement deserves greater visibility.

Partner landing structure and hierarchy

The landing page suffers from excessive information without clarity of partnership goals or benefits, clear pathways to brows each benefit and potential partnerships, or present an effective organizational storytelling to engage the user.

Visual Impression

The visuals on the landing page fail to effectively engage users, as they present themselves with lower quality compared to the offered products and services. Despite promoting advanced technologies, the page’s appearance comes across as dated. This disconnect from the website’s overall design and branding further accentuates its outdated impression.

Engagement Concerns

The lack of clear pathways and a partner locator reduces user engagement and impedes their capacity to make informed decisions regarding pursuing a partnership.

Project Success Outcomes

The project success envisions creating an enhanced partner program landing page, that will spotlight the benefits, tools, and value, showcasing collaboration as a gateway to technology that empowers partners and customers for success. The project will encompass the integration of the new partner locator into the website, streamlining user exploration of innovative partners within the Five9 ecosystem and aligning seamlessly with Five9’s broader partnership growth initiative. This endeavor will enhanced the visibility of the pathway to the Partners page within the main navigation, eliminating it from the secondary utiliting navigation. The content will be streamlined for better user understanding and organizational storytelling, while visuals will be optimized to align with the established web design, branding, and messaging. These enhancements collectively work to reshape the partner program experience, embodying a vision of impactful partnerships driven by technology and collaboration, ultimately fostering remarkable success.

Finalizing the research and discovery phase

Strategy outcomes

Determine structure and aesthetic

Drawing from the insights garnered during the research and discovery phase, we employed a strategic methodology to construct wireframes for both desktop and mobile interfaces. These encompassed the Partner Landing page, the Partner Portal’s filterable page, and the ultimate detail page for each showcased partner within the Five9 ecosystem.

Creating a unique visual system and strategy

Design and Functionality

Visual planning

Final Design implementation

Tools Used

  • Google Suites 
  • Figma
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Shutter Stock Imagery

By using thoughtfully designed high-detail wireframes that align with the existing branding, I established a strong foundation for smoothly transitioning into the design phase of the website’s partner section. To emphasize the partner ecosystem, a key aspect of the project, I incorporated the cloud element from the logo into the desktop page, adding a unique touch and bringing the wireframes to life.

I aimed to create a cohesive look by choosing colors, creating custom iconography, refining typography for visual consistency, and enhancing the partner pages with various elements for a polished appearance. The result was a visually appealing and user-friendly partner section of the website that captures the desired style while providing an excellent user experience. This achievement aligns perfectly with the project’s goals and intentions.


Final design outcomes

*site may appear slightly different due to client management

The project successfully created an elevated partner program landing page that spotlights benefits, tools, and collaboration as the gateway to technology-driven success for partners and customers. This involved seamlessly integrating a new partner locator to enhance user exploration within the Five9 ecosystem while improving Partners page visibility in the main navigation. The content was streamlined for better user comprehension and visual consistency with branding, reshaping the partner program experience to embody impactful partnerships driven by technology and collaboration. The design phase elevated partner pages with a unique use of the cloud structure, appealing color palette, custom iconography, refined typography, and diverse elements, resulting in a polished, user-centric appearance that seamlessly achieved the project’s goals.