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June 1, 2023

Jennifer Simone Schwartz



Jennifer Simone Schwartz is committed to empowering athletes both in the studio, on the field, and remotely. Through her virtual educational content she assists them in moving without pain, achieving their fitness goals, and unlocking their fullest potential.


Project overview


Jenn approached me with the intent of creating a brand identity for her personal work and develop a micro-site that would serve as a centralized portfolio for her target audience. The main objective was to create an intuitive user experience, allowing visitors to easily surface information they’re looking for, conveniently contact Jenn for inquiries and partnerships, and understand the unique value she offers. Through the website and branding, we aimed to convey Jenn’s expertise, skills, and achievements, highlighting the benefits of collaborating with her.


Projects unique process


I implemented a streamlined approach to encompass branding, content strategy, and website design/development. The primary focus was to deeply understand the client’s envisioned brand and existing market in order to understand how best to build a brand and supporting website. An efficient workflow was essential, leveraging research as a foundation for subsequent project phases’ success.

Our secondary priority involved strategizing content refinements based on work completed with another agency. This allowed us to identify areas for additional content enhancements. With comprehensive content planning and the creation of a distinctive logo mark, we were able to intertwine the design and development phase to streamline the final steps of the website build.

Skip the case study and assets provided in each phase, view the final designs

*Best representation of the intended design prior to client adjusting on live site, and removal of custom image treatments

*Branding sheet simply lays out the logos in their respective environments, it does not work as a brand guideline does. 

Discovery and Research

Deliverables and tactics included

  • Content Audit
  • Partner brand assessment
  • Competitor analysis
  • Creative Brief

Tools Used

  • Analytics review
  • Lighthouse Overview (Chrome DevTool)
  • Google Suites (final presentation deck)

My discovery process encompasses a series of strategic tactics and deliverables tailored to the project’s main objectives. Commencing with a thorough content audit, evaluating existing assets and messaging to identify areas for enhancement. This is followed by a partner brand assessment, allowing us to gauge Jenn’s current position within the industry. A comprehensive competitor analysis informs our strategy, pinpointing opportunities for differentiation. Finally, our collaborative discussions culminate in a well-defined creative brief, guiding us to align our strategies with the intended project vision and goals. This cohesive process forms the bedrock for a compelling and effective branding and marketing strategy.

Discovery outcomes

Problem Statements

  • Jenn is primarily recognized and receiving clients through her partnership role. She does not have a centralized portfolio of her personal experience and goals, making it difficult for potential clients and peers in her network to easily understand her individual impact on the industry. 
  • Users have difficulty contacting Jenn directly for personal training, as to connect, the client would need to reach out through her current partner organization.
  • Users have a difficult time surfacing all information about Jenn in one place, e.g., certifications, experience, media appearances, and ongoing personal work.

Project Success Outcomes

The project’s success envisions the creation of a robust brand identity and a centralized micro-site representative Jennifer Simone Schwartz. The website will provide a seamless user experience that effectively conveys her expertise, showcases her vast array of personal contributions to the industry, fosters partnerships, and attracts potential clients. The content will be carefully crafted to align with the brand messaging and reflect Jenn’s energetic perspective on health and wellness. The platform will play a pivotal role in establishing the overall brand aesthetic and growing Jenn’s network and clientele. By functioning as a touchpoint outside of her partnership role, the website will enable Jenn to connect with her audience with her own voice. The website should effectively communicate the value and quality of Jenn’s work while boosting visibility for her podcast appearances, certifications, and ongoing projects.



Deliverables included

  • Four logo concepts
  • Selection of color palettes
  • Typography selection
  • Branding sheet & guidelines
  • Final logo files both horizontal and vertical (PNG, EPS, SVG, JPG)

Tools Used

  • Adobe, Illustrator

Utilizing the knowledge gained during the research and discovery phase, the next step involved leveraging the identified key findings and preferences to initiate the conceptualization of Jenn’s personal brand. The objective was to strategically represent Jenn’s quality of work and expertise, through a single multifunctional logo mark. The established logo mark would then function as the foundational building block of the brand identity. 

Logo design process

When designing logos, I believe it is important to start with greyscale designs. This helps ensure that the logo works well in different environments and applications. If a logo doesn’t function well in a single color, it may not meet basic requirements in various contexts. I first begin by establishing a few core conceptual elements to draft my sketches, then move to Adobe Illustrator to build out all my ideas and see how they flourish in a digital space. Once I have created a few core logo concepts to work with I select the best three to four to build upon. Utilizing insight gained during the discovery phase to select different color palettes and typography that complement each logo mark. In this case, four logo marks were created, along with four color palettes, and three font families were selected. 

Throughout the logo design process, our primary goal was to infuse each concept with a sense of dynamic movement, reflecting Jenn’s humanistic approach to her work. When choosing color palettes and typography, we deliberately opted for vibrant combinations that mirror the energy and enthusiasm Jenn brings to her daily endeavors. From these proposals, the final logo seamlessly integrates Jenn’s initials with a compelling sense of forward motion, embodying the innovative nature of her work. This design played a central role in shaping the logo’s narrative. The selected typography, with its modern and bold aesthetics, harmonizes seamlessly with Jenn’s personality. Finally, the thoughtfully selected color palette reflects the vibrancy, enthusiasm, and quality that define Jenn’s brand, resulting in a cohesive and captivating representation of her personal identity.

All logo marks presented to the client in black and white.

*Branding sheet simply lays out the logos in their respective environments, it does not work as a brand guideline does. 

Chosen logo mark and color palette

*Branding sheet simply lays out the logos in their respective environments, it does not work as a brand guideline does. 

2nd logo mark option

*Branding sheet simply lays out the logos in their respective environments, it does not work as a brand guideline does. 

3rd logo mark option

*Branding sheet simply lays out the logos in their respective environments, it does not work as a brand guideline does. 

4th logo mark option

*Branding sheet simply lays out the logos in their respective environments, it does not work as a brand guideline does. 

The final step

Content strategy, design, and development


UX and content strategy

Deliverables included

  • Moodboards
  • High fidelity Wireframes
  • Responsive designs
  • Icon bank and color coating for resource taxonomies

Tools Used

  • Google Suites 
  • Figma
  • Photoshop
  • Mouseflow
  • Noun Project (Iconography)

In order to tailor the site to meet user needs effectively, conducting a content audit of the proposed content strategy was essential. This involved a collaborative effort of workshopping with the client to reorganize, create, and pinpoint where there may be content gaps or missed opportunities within the originally proposed content strategy. 

I was then able to utilize the updated content outline to map the structure of the site with high-fidelity designs/wireframes; establishing all necessary pathways and ensuring the presentation of all relevant content is presented in a manner that is easily accessible and comprehensible to the user.

•As this is a microsite with a tight budget no formal sitemap was not delivered.


Design planning deliverables

Mood board creation

Following the creation of a new logo and branding elements, I developed a moodboard to steer the visual direction for Jenn’s new website design; ensuring a smooth transition into web design, and maintaining alignment with the client’s vision and brand identity.


Final design outcomes

*site may appear slightly different due to client management

The project’s triumph is manifested in the creation of a robust brand identity through a dedicated micro-site for Jennifer Simone Schwartz. The website now offers a seamless user experience, effectively highlighting her expertise and extensive contributions to the industry. This platform fosters partnerships, attracts potential clients, and resonates with Jenn’s energetic outlook on health and wellness. The website’s content aligns meticulously with the brand message, reflecting Jenn’s perspective.


The micro-site serves as a touchpoint independent of her partnership role, allowing Jenn to engage with her audience using her own voice. It adeptly communicates the quality of her work while boosting visibility for her podcast appearances, certifications, and ongoing projects. Ultimately, the project’s success lies in creating a centralized platform that magnifies Jenn’s value, grows her network, and attracts clientele, solidifying her as a prominent figure in the industry.